Chocolate Mousse

Hey guys! I have weird friends in life and they have weirder needs. Like once I was forced to make chocolate pound cake without milk and other day I had to make chocolate mousse without egg. I have spoiled all my friends and I hate myself for that now :P….

Anyway this is my take on chocolate mouse without eggs or a power mixer. Yep that’s right, a student without a power mixer can sure mousse up some real good chocolate for his SO ;).

Scrounging in the internet for inspirations and meeting online chefs has left me with lots of crazy ideas and I like to explore even more, so if you have any suggestions comment section is open!


  • Dark Chocolate above 80% cocoa              About 1 and 3/4th of a 3.5 oz Bar
  • Heavy Cream                                                         1 Cup
  • Sugar                                                                          1/2 Cup
  • Orange Zest                                                             I Table Spoon
  • Vanilla Essence                                                      About 2 or 3 drops

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The Tha’amiya Sandwich

Tha’amiya means nourishment in Arabic. But we commonly use it to call falafels in Saudi Arabia! As a kid, me and my siblings had the habit of eating tha’amiya sandwiches from a nearby sandwich vendor after our early morning prayer around 4 or 5 am. It is a delightful breakfast, light and fresh. Since falafel sandwiches are common around the globe and recipes can vary from place to place, I set out to recreate the same recipe as the ones I used to eat as a kid.

Also I made everything from scratch including the bread aka khubbus, tahini sauce and hummus. So I am only explaining how I put together my sandwich in this blog but I will link in the other recipes explained.


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Tahini Sauce

The white arabic sauce.


  • Tahini aka Sesame Seed paste        1\2 Cup
  • Lime                                                             1\4 Cup
  • Salt                                                               1\2 TSpoon
  • Parsley Minced                                      1 TSpoon
  • Garlic Minced                                         2-3 Cloves
  • Water                                                         1\2 Cup
  • Olive Oil                                                    2 TblSpoon

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The Falafel…

Everyone loves falafel, even the crooked cops in Gotham, Batman actually waits for them on the rooftops near falafel vendors whose kids can’t live on falafels :D.


  • Chick Peas                       1 Cup
  • Parsley                              2 TblSpoon minced
  • Cilantro                            2 TblSpoon minced
  • Onion                                1 Large bulb about 1 Cup
  • Garlic                                3 Medium size cloves
  • Green Chilli                   2-3 according to your heat
  • Salt                                     to taste about 2 Tspoon
  • Pepper                              to taste about 1 Tspoon
  • Cumin Powder              1 Tspoon
  • Coriander Powder      1 Tspoon

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The Hummus!

Hummus is a traditional middle eastern dip. The ingredients is mostly chick peas and lots of love. I always have the ingredients in hand, it’s not that expensive neither time-consuming nor any rocket science recipe! I usually make it when I’m preparing barbecues or when chicken or meat is too spicy as the hummus can even out the heat. Then I mostly make it if my beautiful little Sara San get wild cravings for hummus time to time because the woman is crazily in love with hummus after she tried some in Dubai, and Warning! if you try this recipe you’ll be in love too! Continue reading